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Conditions of use of the Internet gate

The provisions below have the aim of defining the conditions to which various partners (Municipal authorities of Schaerbeek, CPAS of Schaerbeek, HSS ASBL, Safety and Prevention Contract of Schaerbeek, Political Funds of large Cities) of the site give you access to their Internet site.

The partners give you access to their Internet gate ( and to the information it contains in so far as you accept, without any reserve, the conditions mentioned on the present page "conditions of use". By consulting the Internet gate of and information which appears in it, you accept these conditions.

1. Information

The partners decline any responsibility for the damage being able to result from the use of information of this Internet gate. Consequently, you are entirely responsible for the use which you make of this information.

2. Links and references

2.1 This Internet gate contains hypertexts links to other sites as well as references with other sources of information. These links and sources of information are placed at your disposal as an indication only. The partners do not control these sites and information which appears in it and cannot thus offer any guarantee as for the quality and/or with the exhaustive character of this information.

2.2 The partners decline any responsibility for the damage being able to result from the consultation of information present on the other sites or in other sources of information in general, and to which the gate returns.

2.3 If you want to create a hypertext link starting from your site towards the gate of partners, we invite you to initially contact the webmaster who will inform you as soon as possible of the admissibility of your request.

3. Rights of ownership intellectual

3.1 In accordance with the provisions of the law of June 30, 1994 relating to the royalty and the close rights, you have the right to download and reproduce information being reproduced on this site for your personal use.

3.2 The partners reserve all the rights of intellectualownership on the gate as welle as the information placed at the disposal.

4. Data protection in personal matter

4.1 The received data are included in the files of the gate and are only used to answer the request of information which you introduced.

4.2 In accordance with the law of December 8, 1992 relating to the protection of the life deprived with regard to the processings of data in personal matter, you have the right to consult and, if necessary, to make rectify the data in question. Therefore you must contact the webmaster.

Last update: 20/11/2013

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