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Schaerbeek in a few words


Area: 8.1 km²

Number of inhabitants: 130.227 inhabitants (2013). 

Schaerbeek is a commune rich in potential both culturally and architecturally, and also in terms of quality of life. As well as its numerous sports facilities, its childcare facilities, its new rest home, its recently renovated swimming pool, theatres and an extensive network of schools, it can also take pride in having Josaphat Park, a veritable museum of outdoor sculptures. In the vicinity of this park there are rows of beautiful tree-lined avenues with many hôtels de maître (luxurious town houses).

In Rue Royale Sainte-Marie, the Halles, formerly a covered market characteristic of the iron and steel architecture of the end of the 19th century, has now been turned into a centre for cultural and artistic entertainment.

Opened in 1887, the Italian-Flemish Renaissance-style town hall really is a little museum. For those interested in culture, activities and exhibitions are organised on the most varied of themes. Renovation works are being undertaken everywhere in the commune.

Located midway between the international centres of NATO and the European Union, Schaerbeek today is changing rapidly. 



Last update: 13/08/2013

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